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 6-Week Online Training 

 Online Video Training: Introduction 

 to CANTIENICA® body in evolution 

Get to know your body better, it's worth it!

Online Video Training: Introduction to the CANTIENICA® Method

The learning program is perfect for beginners, Benita Cantieni explains in videos how the method works. But even experts will find a great routine here. 

You'll experience:

  • The main principles that make CANTIENCA® training efficient and unique.

  • Vivatomy® as opposed to anatomy using illustrations.

  • Important terms to understand the exercise instructions.

  • You will get an impression of how the method was created.

  • Special features of the CANTIENICA® method.

  • Tips for implementation in everyday life.

  • What is important if you want to achieve lasting results.

Your online intensive program –

whenever you want, wherever you are.

The regular price is € 297 including VAT

 Customer reviews 

"Dear Mrs. Cantieni,

thank you very much for the activation of the introductory course. I am thrilled! 

I have not yet done all the exercises, but I have looked at them all once. The course is very informative, well structured and extremely well explained and certainly not only suitable for beginners, in my opinion, advanced students can also benefit from it. Very good I find that the course is also reproduced in written form, so you can read, look at and practice at your leisure. 

Kind regards and have a nice day!" 

"I exercise at least once a day and enjoy it very much.

I came to Cantienica through Callanetics and the fitness magazine Shape, so I've been a big fan of Benita Cantieni for over 20 years. So of course I couldn't pass up the 6-week program. 

The beauty of the method is that Ms. Cantieni is constantly developing it and my perception is becoming more and more refined. 

Currently, I have already made great progress - at the beginning of the 6-week program.

Best regards."

Introduction to the CANTIENICA® Method
WORKOUT 1: Strong and Flexible Pelvic Floor
WORKOUT 2: Great Posture From The Core
WORKOUT 3: Strong Back And Flat Tummy
WORKOUT 4: Beautiful Arms, Bosoms and Waistline
WORKOUT 5: Shapley Legs and Buttocks
Und 7 weitere Videos



  • The training is gentle and safe.
  • The exercises are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • No equipment is required. A chair, a wall, a mat, a pad, a pillow - that's it.
  • The movements are small, the workout targets the core muscles. 


  • The training pays off quickly. 
  • The CANTIENICA® method has a comprehensive and lasting effect.
  • With training, good posture becomes a habit.
  • The exercises can be integrated into everyday life with minimal time expenditure.


  • The exercise sequences are carefully selected and tested thousands of times.
  • Each time after 7 days the next training unit is activated automatically.
  • With each new episode, you will receive a transcript to read and an audio file to download.
  • A vivatomical glossary accompanies the course. 


  • The program is available anytime and anywhere via Internet via browser. 
  • Available on all devices: Desktop, mobile, tablet.
  • Access around the clock, whenever you have time for your workout.
  • Workouts can be combined in any way. Your access has no time limit. 

"Good training has to be fun and show results quickly."

 Questions & Answers about the Online Course 

Do I need prior knowledge for the course?

No, you do not need any previous experience. This course is suitable for people with a lot, little or no experience with the CANTIENICA® method. Openness to unconventional exercise instructions and discipline are perfect prerequisites to benefit from this course for life. Be patient with yourself if you don't understand everything at the beginning. Give your body the right of way, it will report to your head what it needs.

What technology do I need for the online course?

You need Internet access and a browser. Some people are a little shy when it comes to technology. It's really easier than you think. And we will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

How long can I use the course?

The course access on this platform has no expiration date. After the 6 weeks you will still have free access.

How do I access the online course?

After your order and payment in the secure Digistore24 store you will receive your access data by e-mail. With these data you can access your own personal member area at any time – 7 days/24 hours. (de & en) (en)

How much does this online course cost?

The online course costs 197,00 € incl. VAT.

You will receive:

  • 5 video tutorials with 7 exercises each, guided by Benita Cantieni.
  • All 35 exercises in one piece. A full-length video lesson to stay fit.
  • Explanatory videos on CANTIENICA® training. Benita Cantieni explains the principles.
  • Audio files of all exercise videos.
  • Glossary as PDF with illustrations and comments by Benita Cantieni.
  • Transcripts of the exercises for reference.
  • Unlimited access.
  • 3 videos with mini-workouts for in-between.

Can I return the course?

You have a legal right of withdrawal of 60 days. So within the first 60 days after buying the course you can revoke it at Digistore24 and you will get your money back. You can find the link for this in the order confirmation from Digistore24 under "Do you have a question concerning the order or the product? Find immediate help here …".

Or contact Digistore24 support team: 

The program is excellently suited for the prevention of:

  • bad postures such as scoliosis, hollow back, hunchback, pelvic obliquity

  • bow legs, knock knees, meniscus, hip disorders

  • foot deformities such as hallux valgus, flat foot, hollow foot, etc.

  • cell phone neck, widow's hump, stiff shoulders

  • headaches, migraines and even depression

  • Creation of the abdomen, bust or double chin

  • Incontinence (bladder, bowel), hemorrhoids, prostate enlargement

  • ailments of the spine and joints

Every path begins with the first step…



Benita Cantieni

Body Researcher and Founder of
CANTIENICA® Body in Evolution

Benita Cantieni's research stems from her own body perception. Her body experiences are reproducible for everyone, and her findings are confirmed daily by thousands of users. Through health, well-being and radiance. If a person moves harmoniously, curvatures, deformations, wear and tear and degeneration can be avoided. The lifespan of joints, organs, muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, nerves benefit from careful use. Do you have any questions for Benita Cantieni? In the FORUM Benita Cantieni gives free answers and tips about CANTIENICA® body in evolution.

Andrea Alf 

Your Host

Andrea Alf, born 1973 in Munich, is a mother of 2 daughters, married, health coach, digital nomad, editor of an online magazine for healthy nutrition. She has organized several online congresses and interviewed more than 60 experts. She first got involved with the topic of prevention when she was trained by the AOK in a retirement home and volunteered to do fall prevention with the seniors 2 times a week. When Andrea Alf got the first CANTIENICA book sent to Australia and realized how fantastic the method is, she contacted Benita Cantieni and took over the interviews and facilitation of the 6-week program.

Is online training alone at home not your thing?
Do you need fixed appointments and 1:1 guidance from a trainer?

Or even better both?

All licensed instructors are listed on our studio finder. Many teach in English, and offline or online.

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Money Back Guarantee

You have a legal right of withdrawal of 60 days. So within the first 60 days after buying the course you can revoke it at Digistore24 and you will get your money back without any questions. You will find the link for this in the order confirmation from Digistore24.