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 CANTIENICA® body in evolution 


For flexibility, strength, beauty, well-being

CANTIENICA® training is ideal for you if you

  • want to move easily and without pain
  • appreciate exercises that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life
  • want to strengthen the entire body
  • want to achieve a great training effect with minimal effort
  • have tensions in your body that you would like to relieve
  • want to train the whole body – with every single exercise
  • want to strengthen your back and keep it healthy
  • if you want to gain beauty and charisma
  • want to specifically train the pelvic floor

The program helps to prevent

  • bad postures such as scoliosis, hollow back, hunched back, pelvic obliquity
  • bow legs, knock knees, meniscus, hip problems
  • foot deformities such as hallux valgus, flat feet, high arches, etc.
  • cell phone neck, widow's hump, stiff shoulders
  • headaches, migraines and even depression
  • formation of a belly, a bust or a double chin
  • incontinence (bladder, bowels), hemorrhoids, prostate enlargement
  • discomfort of the spine and joints

Your online intensive program –

whenever you want, wherever you are.

The regular price is € 297 including VAT

Agility is 
a fountain of youth.

What is included in this online course?

  • The intensive program includes a thorough introduction to the principles of the CANTIENICA® method. Before each training session, founder Benita Cantieni explains what is important for optimal training success. Because only precise training involves the whole body.
  • This Program is also the best pelvic floor workout you can do. Even if not every exercise says "for the pelvic floor". Every exercise is also for the pelvic floor. And if the exercise is good for the pelvic floor, it is always good for the back, for the leg axis, for the feet, for the head posture, for the arms and hands, for lightness, for strength, for resilience, for beauty. Everything is connected with everything, in the body fascia is the perfect connection and information system.
  • The order of sequences is well thought out, the training units build on each other. The intensity increases with each unit. Many participants appreciate this structure very much. After the 6 weeks you have unlimited access. You can combine the workouts as you wish. 
  • For each sequence you will receive a vivatomical glossary with illustrations and explanations to help you visualize your ideal body.   
  • The training videos are designed so that you can train along. If things start going too fast, transcripts are available for download. With the written instructions, you can jump in at your pace. You can customize the videos to your tempo, by the way. You can find the speed slider in each case in the video player right below. 
  • You can find the audio recording for each exercise sequence in the downloads. Once you know the units, training by ear is more effective. You are not tempted to look at the screen, the training is more concentrated.
  • Below the videos you have a comment function for questions. The CANTIENICA® team will be notified automatically. We will respond to your questions as soon as possible. Questions for Benita Cantieni personally can be posted in the forum. 
  • We will not leave you alone. If you need motivation or like to exchange ideas with like-minded people, join the closed Facebook group. We look forward to seeing you. Share your progress with us. We are also happy to receive suggestions.
  • There is the possibility to participate in Zoom meetings. Andrea Alf invites regularly, if you feel like it, be there for a cozy exchange of experiences. The invitations will be sent via newsletter.


 Content overview  

You will get:  

  • Six holistic lessons for posture, endurance, strength, responsiveness, flexibility. 
  • Each exercise is a whole body exercise.
  • Each episode has a glossary for download and reference. 
  • All workouts are also available as audio files.
  • Each session comes with a transcript so you can perform the instructions offline.
  • 1 - WEEK 1 Get in Shape Sitting
  • 1 - INTRO 1: Benita Cantieni tells us what's important
  • 2 - WORKOUT 1: Get in Shape Sitting
  • 2 - WEEK 2 Fountain of youth mobility
  • 1 - INTRO 2 Benita Cantieni tells us what's important
  • 2 - WORKOUT 2 Fountain of youth mobility
  • 3 - WEEK 3 Back needs belly
  • 1 - INTRO 3 Benita Cantieni tells us what's important
  • 2 - WORKOUT 3 Back needs belly
  • 4 - WEEK 4 Stable and supple
  • 1 - INTRO 4 Benita Cantieni tells us what's important
  • 2 - WORKOUT 4 Stable and supple
  • 5 - WEEK 5 Posture for pelvis, legs, buttocks
  • 1 - INTRO 5 Benita Cantieni tells us what's important
  • 2 - WORKOUT 5 Posture for pelvis, legs, buttocks
  • 6 - WEEK 6 Stretched and powerful
  • 1 - INTRO 6 Benita Cantieni tells us what's important
  • 2 - WORKOUT 6 Stretched an powerful
12 Lektionen, Dauer: 02:36:54



  • The training is gentle and safe.
  • The exercises are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • No equipment is required. A chair, a wall, a mat, a pad, a pillow - that's it.
  • The movements are small, the workout targets the core muscles. 


  • The program is available anytime and anywhere via Internet via browser. 
  • Available on all devices: Desktop, mobile, tablet.
  • Access around the clock, whenever you have time for your workout.
  • Workouts can be combined in any way. Your access has no time limit. 


  • The exercise sequences are carefully selected and tested thousands of times.
  • Each time after 7 days the next training unit is activated automatically.
  • With each new episode, you will receive a transcript to read and an audio file to download.
  • A vivatomical glossary accompanies the course. 


  • The training pays off quickly. 
  • The CANTIENICA® method has a comprehensive and lasting effect.
  • With training, good posture becomes a habit.
  • The exercises can be integrated into everyday life with minimal time expenditure.

CANTIENICA® training contains everything that keeps body, mind and soul young. 

A new episode every week

An intro with explanations of the CANTIENICA® method. 
An exercise sequence with a thematic focus.

INTRO 1: Benita Cantieni tells us what's important
WORKOUT 1: Get in Shape Sitting
INTRO 2 Benita Cantieni tells us what's important
WORKOUT 2 Fountain of youth mobility
INTRO 3 Benita Cantieni tells us what's important
Und 7 weitere Videos


"Dear Benita, dear Claudia,
the last 6 weeks have gone by so fast, now I am already a bit sad that this was already the last "episode" of the intensive program.
I enjoy the training very much and thank you very much for the big, small and fine micro and macro body sensations. 
All the love! "



"Training according to the audios works excellently as soon as you are familiar with the positions and exercisejavascript:void('h1')s. This eliminates the need to reposition the laptop and through the purely auditory perception, one suddenly perceives instructional details that one missed during the video training. Thank you very much for the beautiful and beneficial course."

Corinne L.


"The intensive program is an extremely worthwhile and enriching investment for me.  
My body feels all-round well cared for after the workout, full of resilience and wonderfully relaxed at the same time. The mind feels refreshed and the soul leaps for joy. This combination is almost addictive."



"I am very fond of the Cantienica method :). 
Until recently I learned only with the help of the books. The online courses are a great help for me and have answered many questions. Thank you for this opportunity!"

G. R.


"Oooh, how cool. A very successful and appealing creation. I am thrilled! Not only from the clip. Also from the course ... a physical treat ‍♀️"


"Dear Mrs. Cantieni

The course is once again very successful. Everything is right: from the illustrations, explanations, sound, camera work and the model Claudia, who reproduces everything spot on!!! The illustrations are very memorable and always to look at (and learn).
With the intros, the moving red arrow stamps itself in the memory. The intros are explained very well and in detail.
Claudia as a model is extremely good, you can see even the smallest movements (even in the mirror), which is certainly also due to the very good camera work.
Very good that the course (again) is reproduced in written form, as well as the tips from Benita and Claudia. All in all, an excellent and worthwhile course. You have to "work through" it yourself to be inspired as well. I learn something new with every course.

I hope there will be more courses to come...."

G. E.


"I've already bought it and am looking forward to the release of part 2."

A. M.


"I decided to do the intensive training right after I received the mail. Now my second week is already starting. I am totally thrilled (as I had expected :-)). A big thank you to all and greetings."



"I just finished the 1st episode of the intensive training, very good!!! I would love to try the next episodes right away (my impatience). The episode one I find very good, the whole structure, tone, model as well as the exercises, everything best!"


 FAQ about the Online Course 

Do I need prior knowledge for the course?

This course is suitable for people with a lot, little or no experience with the CANTIENICA® method. Openness to unconventional exercise instructions and discipline are perfect prerequisites to benefit from this course for life. Be patient with yourself if you don't understand everything at the beginning. Give your body the right of way, it will report to your head what it needs.

What technology do I need for the online course?

You need Internet access and a browser. Some people are a little shy when it comes to technology. It's really easier than you think. And we will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

How long can I use the course?

The course access on this platform has no expiration date. After the 6 weeks you will still have free access. Enjoy.

How do I access the online course?

After your order and payment in the secure Digistore24 store you will receive your access data by e-mail. With these data you can access your own personal member area at any time - 7 days/24 hours.

You will receive access to both platforms with the order confirmation from Digistore24.
Bei Fragen kontaktieren Sie den Web-Admin

Can I return the course?

You have a legal right of withdrawal of 14 days. So within the first 14 days after buying the course you can revoke it at Digistore24 and you will get your money back. 

Do you have a question concerning the order or the product? Find immediate help here:

Or just write an email to with your order number. 

Money Back Guarantee

You have a legal right of withdrawal of 60 days. So within the first 60 days after buying the course you can revoke it at Digistore24 and you will get your money back without any questions. You will find the link for this in the order confirmation from Digistore24.